Resolved cPanel Login Issue : Your IP address has changed. Please log in again.

Ever tried logging in to your cPanel and then a popup appears  “Your IP address has changed. Please log in again” or your cPanel keeps logging you off for no reason? You could be using Godaddy, namecheap, bluehost, hostgator or any of the big hosting. When you contact their support team, they will tell you the same old thing. ” Kindly refresh your browser and clear your cookies”. It may work and then log you off after some time.

This was a very big challenge to me sometime ago, I cleared cookies, used a different browser and even went ahead to uninstall one of my browsers. I was stuck on this annoying page.

Not until I came across a solution that is not so popular which am going to share now.

Change/hide your IP address
I got a suggestion to do this while searching for the solution on Godaddy support forum, I don’t know the reason why it worked but it has been working for me ever since. The person from Godaddy support forum was very specific when he advised I change my IP address to Netherlands in order to login to my cPanel ( just incase it doesn’t  work for other countries, it is working for Netherlands)

You can Download Hide My Ass or VPN for windows or any OS you are using.

Kindly share your experience. Can you now Login to your cPanel?

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