What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing changed from what it used to be in the past, with the advent of internet and digital devices, most transaction can be carried out without physical meeting between the buyer and seller.

Digital marketing, also referred to as web, online or internet marketing is a means of transaction which does not require physical presence unlike Traditional means. Everything can be done with a gadget in a newly created environment of social media, search engine, blogs and websites.

Going by the conventional definition of a market which can be said be a place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services for money, the sudden rise in the popularity of online platforms lead to the continuous replacement of traditional means of marketing.

Facebook recently announced it has over 2 billion users, constituting 79% of the total internet users. According to Net Market share (As of April 2017), There are more than 6.5 billion daily searches worldwide, with Google dominating 77%. All these statistics contribute to factors which are gradually depleting the physical means of marketing.

Digital marketing in another sense can be seen as means of reaching out to people through these newly created environment by means of;
Social media marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Native Advertising etc

Social Media Marketing

There are 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, Over 300 Million monthly active users on Twitter and 500 million monthly active users on Instagram and many more from other social networks.

These statistics are mind blowing, right?
The question is, how do you reach out to these great numbers through these online platforms?

Remember, social media algorithm are heavily built on engagement,
Social media marketing ensures that you reach out to your audience in the most effective, cheapest and efficient means by beating engagement.

Social media marketing also involve effective advertisement on these platforms. Setting up social media Ads to reach the right audience and funneling them to your product/services. Keeping them in touch with the latest updates by means of interacting with them.

Search Engine Optimization

Will your product/website be found among 6.5 billion daily internet searches?
How can you beat the competition to rank your pages among trillions of online WebPages?
Search Engine Optimization answers it all

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a means of organizing contents with appropriate link building to enable Internet users find web pages easily when they make use of search engines. SEO can be a very powerful force to drive sales and market products on the internet even to people who initially knew nothing about a product.

Using SEO for marketing is known as Search Engine marketing.

It is a cost effective means of digital marketing which involves inbound strategies like link building, content marketing, keyword research and analysis all aimed at improving website visibility on Search Engines.

Content Marketing

Content is king.
In Digital marketing, it is your content that does the persuasion. Content marketing is means of creating persuasive articles aimed at convincing potential buyers on the need to purchase a product.

No one wants to go to a static page to purchase a random product they know nothing about, just like our physical world where the salesperson does the explanation and convinces the buyer on why they should purchase a given product.

Content is an online Salesperson.
It can influence sales, facilitate customer retention, improve conversation and also a perfect way to build lasting brand on the internet.

This is an example of how content can influence sales
I visited your website,
Read an article about a particular product and got engaged.
I was a bit confused about the product I am purchasing, so I asked a question. I got a reply
I became totally convinced on the authenticity. So I purchased the product and even went ahead to subscribe to your email/Alert.
That was how I became your customer.

Content does not only involve articles but also videos.
Over the years have seen many people/products go viral on YouTube. It happens like magic through a calculated process of video marketing which is an aspect of content marketing.

Video Marketing
Customers get more convinced when they watch explained videos than reading long boring article. Videos are the best way to show people the benefits of using a product and how it can improve their life. But not all videos are good, some are as boring as those long article.

Some videos go viral, like most Pepsi Videos which are retweeted and shared countless times on social media.
All these have an influence on customer purchasing behavior.

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Native Advertising
Native advertising refers to advertisement that are content based. Example is the Buzzfeed sponsored post, but many people consider Social media advertising like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram promotions which does not only offer advertising solutions but also good way to grow a lasting audience on these platforms.

Email Marketing
Emails can be a good way to communicate to your customers and keep them in touch with the latest updates about your products. Through Emails, awareness can be created about discounts, coupons, events and invitation which can influence customer purchasing behavior.

This is a method of driving Traffic to a website whenever an ad is clicked. The most common is Google AdWords which is scalable and audience based.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing differs a lot from Traditional marketing in that it is scalable and can be measured through analytics and insights into customer behavior.

This is important in the area;

Analytics help solve the problem of “How Many?”
This can help any business better understand if their products are actually being sold relative to the number of people that view it, leading to the readjustment of strategies to improve sales conditions.

Prioritizing of audience
One of the most important aspect of digital marketing is the ability to target specific audience in specific locations.
Example: For someone looking for “American’s who use Facebook between the age of 15 – 30” can set custom audience while running a Facebook Advertisement. This will not only save cost but also ensure the right audience finds the product.

Low cost website Traffic
With Digital marketing tactics like SEO, Social media and Content Marketing. One can improve website Traffic and product reach at low cost. Without spending much, people can find products on Search Engine only to turn to potential buyers.

Brand Building
With Social media marketing, brand building becomes easy. You can easily build loyal customers and get feedback from users about your products.
These feedback are used to improve the quality of product and services.


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