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What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing changed from what it used to be in the past, with the advent of internet and digital devices, most transaction can be carried out without physical meeting between the buyer and seller. Digital marketing, also referred to as web, online or internet marketing is a means of transaction which does not require physical presence […]
Digital Marketing

7 Analytics tools to measure website Traffic & SEO performance

Analytics help solve the problem of “How Many?”. A fundamental Question that drives the Internet How many people visits a website daily? How many visits from search engines? How long did users spend interacting with pages? How many clicks? Bounce rates? We all want to get insight into user behavior in order to improve their […]
Digital Marketing

15 ways to improve Search Engine Optimization in 2018

We all want our website to rank on search engines. Whether on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, any one of them. This could be the greatest source of Traffic especially having tons of people find your website from search results. Even if you are not getting anyone visit your website from any of the above listed, […]
Digital Marketing

7 ways to build Targeted blog Traffic with Twitter

Twitter is confusing, complicated and compounded Twitter is limiting my thoughts to 280 characters ( Spaces included ). I can’t even edit my Tweets How do I even understand these compounded replies? I can’t make real friends here Of what usefulness is Twitter to my blog? I’m out of here I have heard new users […]
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