How to drive targeted blog Traffic from Whatsapp group

When was the last time someone sent you a link on WhatsApp and you felt like telling them to stop even when you know it will ruin your friendship with them ? The desire to increase traffic by cheap means like WhatsApp  has lead many bloggers to constantly spam friends and groups with links that they might not even be interested to open.

The reason why this strategy is not effective is not because of WhatsApp or the friends that choose to ignore  such message. It is simply because you are sharing links to the wrong people.

Here are 3  ways to drive targeted traffic from WhatsApp group;

Join WhatsApp group on your niche

There are lots of WhatsApp group you can join relating to your niche. These groups will consist of people who are interested in your blog and might not complain when you share links since they might find it beneficial.

The problem is. How do you find/join these groups since there are no suggestions on WhatsApp for users to join a particular group like the way it is with Facebook group suggestions.

Use Facebook Search to Find WhatsApp groups
With Facebook search functionality, there are lots of public post on Facebook  with request for people to join a particular group.

On the search bar of your Facebook.
Search “Your niche + WhatsApp group”
Example “Blogging + WhatsApp group”


Yo can filter the result you get based on locations, friends, date posted etc.

You will now find different post with their invite link, proceed by clicking on the Link to join WhatsApp group. Now you can start sharing  links to the groups you joined and watch your blog Traffic skyrocket.

Create your Own WhatsApp group

It is quite easier to create than manage a group but a well managed group can drive enormous traffic to your blog. The problem is not how to get people join the group but how to get the right people.
First, you must understand how to create invite link. Click here.

You can invite people from a Facebook group who are interested in your newly created WhatsApp group. This can be as simple as asking them to join in order to receive special offers like ebook, coupon or even a promotional offer.

Link from your website/blog to your WhatsApp group

The same way we ask people to Like our Facebook page, follow Twitter/Instagram account.  We can as well ask them to join a WhatsApp group. It is as simple as including a HTML ahref link on sidebar, below or above content or in any position you like.

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Use the HTML code below replacing it with your own link to take people directly to join  group
<a href=””>Join my Whatsapp group</a>

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