How to get your article on Nairaland front Page

Ever thought of a formula or a definite method to get your post on Nairaland front page? Being the largest forum in Africa with over 4 million daily users. Getting your post on the main page can drive massive traffic to your website/service.

Here is a thing, we at adovat has been working on a research to determine the type of post that goes to the front page and we have come up with these 5 different type of post

Breaking News/Trending topic
If you are the first to break a news, chances are that the article is going to Nairaland front page. Inasmuch that we cannot confirm if this happen automatically by an algorithm which alerts moderators of a breaking news or if the moderators will have to go through all the post and approve them manually. We have observed that most breaking news which have not been posted by any other person will likely go to the front page.

Informative post
Most of the articles that make it to the front page are characterized by being well detailed. informative and thought provoking to stir up series of conversations and replies before they are moved to the front page.  The moderators understand that to keep the forum interesting, every topic that goes to front page must provide enough value to readers.

Not Spammy
Some posts are intended for spam and such are immediately deleted  by moderators once they are noticed. Spamming in a post can reduce the chances of getting to the front page since they are either deleted or neglected by moderators.

Thought provoking article
Thought provoking articles stir up emotion among readers leading them to argue the post to the front page. It starts from the intriguing headline down to the content which keep members in opposing views like “10 reasons why Muhammadu Buhari could win 2019 election”. It could also be an opinion, a poll or a reaction towards  a particular topic.

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Post views
We have been able to establish the correlation the number of views a particular post receives and the tendency for such post to be moved to front page because lots of people are reading it.
Think about this, more than 400 posts are published on Nairaland every hour, it would be impossible to for moderators to manually go through these  posts and approve them one by one. It is very much possible that there is an algorithm that sort these posts based on their number of views to enable moderators easily decide which post interest people more and which post to move to Nairaland front page.

Bonus Point
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