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How many post are needed for Adsense approval?

I have heard lots of people blame the failure of their Adsense application getting approved on the number of post they have on the blog, maybe if they post more, maybe 20, 50 or 100+, their Adsense account might finally get approved. They reapply and get rejected again. There is no specified

How to Apply for Adsense and get Approved in 3 days

It is quite frustrating to blog without Adsense especially when it happens to be the major source of revenue. I got 2 Adsense account approved on two of my websites in less than 3 days without getting rejected even once. Irrespective of the myth surrounding Adsense, it is very easy to apply and get approved […]

How to drive targeted blog Traffic from Whatsapp group

When was the last time someone sent you a link on WhatsApp and you felt like telling them to stop even when you know it will ruin your friendship with them ? The desire to increase traffic by cheap means like WhatsApp  has lead many bloggers to constantly spam friends and groups with links that […]

How to get your article on Nairaland front Page

Ever thought of a formula or a definite method to get your post on Nairaland front page? Being the largest forum in Africa with over 4 million daily users. Getting your post on the main page can drive massive traffic to your website/service. Here is a thing, we at adovat has been working on a […]

5 important use of Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress

Yoast plugin is perhaps one of the top 10 WordPress plugin with millions of installs. This free and premium plugin enables admins to easily do Search Engine Optimization even without much knowledge of how SEO works. This plugin comes with lots of functionalities, Here are 5 important use of yoast SEO plugin. Submit XML sitemap […]

How to create a WordPress self hosted site

A self hosted WordPress site as the name implies is a website created on WordPress where you need a hosting plan. The hosting will be used to store all information, images and uploads on the database. The price of a hosting plan depends on the duration and its storage capacity. Many top websites in the […]

5 smart ways to Increase blog Traffic from Nairaland

Nairaland is perhaps the largest forum in Africa with over 4 million daily users as at 2017 with a robust active community members that interact with each other. Like many forums in the world, Nairaland offers free registration where the account is activated  after email is verified . The user can now start posting on […]