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Adovat.com is a digital marketing and advertising agency based in Owerri Nigeria focusing on inbound marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Social media management, content and video marketing
In Adovat, we want to make sure we connect you to potential buyers with our customer acquisition/management expertise. It is the question of how, where, what and when?

How do you target your customers?
I Know you wouldn’t want to spend your money on wasted advertising schemes by setting up social media/Ad campaign which does not convert to profit or get you the desired customers. In Adovat, we ensure that every dime spent on our campaigns counts through tested and trusted viral marketing procedures.

Where do your customers reside?
Make every money you spend advertising count by targeting the right audience, this will not only save you money but would save your business from collapsing in the long run. We wont only help you in setting up your ad campaign but also in targeting to people who care about your product.

What does your customer really want?
I know you wouldn’t want to bore your potential customers with dry adverts or show them what they are not prepared to see. Our Campaigns combine the mixture of humor and compelling call to actions which will make your advertising successful.

When do you target these customers?
In Adovat, we are focused at delivering our services at the time when your customers are most active through our topnotch audience research on social media and search engines.
Here, we deal on data mining procedures which helps us best understand the behavior of your potential customers and how best we can reach out to them.

Start your media advertising Journey today on;

  • Social media marketing
    Lets help you Target your potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest etc by setting up your social media ad campaign. Stop complaining about how much you wasted on your first Facebook/ Twitter Ad which yielded nothing.
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  • Search Engine optimization
    Get noticed on Search Engines, let your post show up on the first page of Google, Yahoo, bing etc. We implore several tested and trusted white hat SEO technique to make sure you don’t just produce content, but also quality contents that could easily be found by your potential customers from search results through organic traffic.
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  • Content Marketing
    We help brands in creating Persuasive content that would drive sales, increase engagement and boost conversation. We also create viral quizzes for contents and products.
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  • Video Marketing
    Create viral videos with us at Adovat

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