7 ways to build Targeted blog Traffic with Twitter

Twitter is confusing, complicated and compounded
Twitter is limiting my thoughts to 280 characters ( Spaces included ).
I can’t even edit my Tweets
How do I even understand these compounded replies?
I can’t make real friends here
Of what usefulness is Twitter to my blog?
I’m out of here

I have heard new users say this countless times. I guess I had similar experience in 2013 when I created my first Twitter account. Dumped it only to return back in 2015 like I have wasted 2 whole years.

It took me 2 years to realize how useful Twitter can be, but the most difficult is understanding how to build Traffic with the social network. Unlike Facebook where you can tag a whole bunch of friends inviting them visit your website until they get tired of you spamming their wall, Twitter is a bit different.

Maybe, these weird differences is what makes the social network unique. Here are 7 ways you can build blog Traffic with Twitter

Schedule Tweets

Perhaps, the most important way to build blog Traffic from Twitter. With Social Media tools like Buffer, Twuffer and IFTTT, you can automatically schedule blog post at the time when your Followers are most active. This is important because it creates consistency in your blog incoming Traffic and keeps you active even on a busy day.

Here is a quick start, Go to twuffer.com , signup and schedule your first Tweets
Feels Good, right? Especially now you can schedule for future date, even for the next solar eclipse.

Scheduling of Tweet is not only good for Traffic but also a good SEO ranking factor

The fact that you can share your best post over and over again with these tools

Google watches for social media signals in determining how relevant a post is and how often a blog post is being shared can influence its visibility on Search Engines.

Scheduling your post will not only fetch you Traffic from Twitter but also a good ranking factor.
Here is a Picture of a survey from SEOMoz which shows that social media signals contribute 5.3% of Google ranking factor.

Google watches social media signals for SEO

Follow your Competitors on Twitter

Your Twitter competitor are accounts that Tweet the kind of things you Tweet.

These are accounts in the same blog niche with and there are lots of things you can learn by following them which includes how they are able to build their own blog traffic.


@NeilPatel is my competitor, we both Tweet about Startup, SEO , Content and Digital Marketing.  I have learnt a lot these few years by just following him.

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You can find your competitors with Twitter advanced search which curates people based on a given interest. For instance;

@MrOfoegbu is my Twitter account. I am interested in digital marketing and advertising. my competitors should also be interested in the same thing.
Occasionally, I lookup “Digital Marketing” on the Twitter Search and locate people based on Suggestions and follow them up

Follow Your Competitor Followers
Following your competitors followers is a good way to steal their customers. Yes, definitely many of them are going to end of following you back. Many of them are going click on your profile to find out what you are up to. Many of them would be visiting your website from Twitter. It is important to pin your best blog post to your twitter profile so you don’t keep them wondering what your account is all about.

To do this , simply click on the V sign at the right top corner of your Tweet and select pin to profile

Follow people who use specific Hashtag
Its almost like following your competitors, just that you can find more people easily using hashtags.

Over the years, hashtags evolved to reflect our niche and the kind of audience we are targeting. For someone like myself #Startup , #WordPress ,#Blog , #Traffic ,#GrowthHacking , #Domain could be said to be my niche. Occasionally, I search these hashtags and follow the people that use them.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags became yet another useful navigational tool on Twitter to which you can use to find related topics. Using relevant Hashtags will make people find your post even when they are not following you.
I had to edit this article to reflect how using #StartUp , #blog and an appropriate Image increased a Tweet engagement in contrast to the same post that had no hashtag or image.

Most of the people that engaged with this Tweet are not even following me. They probably found the Tweet from hashtag

And here is a simple rule,

#Do #not #hashtag #everything

It looks weird using hashtag on every word in a tweet or worst spamming Twitter search with irrelevant hashtags aimed at manipulating engagement. 2 or 3  hashtag is enough for a single Tweet and should be used appropriately. It makes your account spam free by bringing you relevant people.

Share your Post When Trending.
Outside the Normal Twitter Trend, With Tool like Trendsmap and Trendslina, you can find out what is Trending over a given time, day, week, Month or even year. This will help you share your old posts that are still relevant to the Trend

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Create engagement with Twitter polls
During the Obama day, President Trump retweeted a Twitter poll from @ProgressPolls, an anonymous account that you’re probably hearing about for the first time. That was a comparison between the past and present US president.

It worked, like magic with 28k votes and over 17k retweets.

Even Trump had to retweet to his followers.

Using Polls is like asking people to argue. it is playing politics on Twitter. It is asking people to vote their opinion, they will go every mile to make sure their opinion counts. They will retweet, they will vote, they could even invite their friends.

Tweet links with Images
It is no doubt that images and videos get more relevancy and engagement on Twitter. Maybe psychology or the attraction our brain gets to seeing videos and pictures.
280 Character Tweet may not be enough to explain a point. Back your point up with good Videos, Images or infographics.

Even Twitter Analytics recommend Tweeting with images to drive more engagement.


Don’t Spam, Build Trust
It’s more like those annoying custom messages we receive,

“Your friend told me that you live close to me. I am unsure about that. I’m trying to find a boyfriend .your friend informed me that you are also seeking for a girl who is living near you.”

And then they give you an open invitation to join them on Snapchat.

Twitter could be one of the best places to build your brand and popularity on the Internet; you wouldn’t want to ruin that by randomly spamming your followers. There is always a best way to use bots while thanking your followers and asking them to check out your website. Do it in a unique way.

Introduce yourself and go straight ahead to what you have to offer in few lines

Reply Tweets.
This days, social media algorithm are heavily built on engagement. And everyday, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social network is improving to make sure that people constantly see what they interact with.

Social media is now a game of interest.

To make sure you are not left behind in this game, you have to improve your conversation rate. Always ensure you reply tweets because this is not only good for algorithm but also gives your followers a sense of belonging in your community. It makes them wanting to come back. It is a good way to build trust and drive lasting audience to your website.

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  1. Hello admin, I would say I found your article helpful especially in Tweet Schedule. Never heard of Twuffer before now. Right now, I have scheduled tweets for tomorrow since I would be having a busy day.

  2. This is incredible!
    I have a Twitter account I’ve never used (and don’t even know how to use).
    I guess it’s high time I started tweeting with these powerful tips.
    Thanks Admin!

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