5 smart ways to Increase blog Traffic from Nairaland

Nairaland is perhaps the largest forum in Africa with over 4 million daily users as at 2017 with a robust active community members that interact with each other.
Like many forums in the world, Nairaland offers free registration where the account is activated  after email is verified . The user can now start posting on various sections of the forum.

The moderators can move a particular post to Nairaland front page where it is visible for thousands of members to read provided it satisfies certain criteria.

Here are 5 ways to get blog traffic from Nairaland,

Post on the right sections of the forum 
There are many sections on Nairaland which include politics, General, sports, Entertainment, politics, webmaster, education etc. You can write on any of the section that matches your article. This is important since readers can easily find your post on the section page or as a suggestion via related post.

Link back to your website
You can link back to the original article on your website from Nairaland or ask readers to read the rest of the article by following a link. While doing this, it is important to avoid spamming the platform to avoid getting banned by moderators.

Nairaland is also a good platform to to build backlinks , unlike the conventional ahref HTML link. You can use the format below to link a keyword or phrase.
[url= link to your site] keyword [/url]
Example [url=] Learn how start blogging here [/url]

Use Captivating title/headlines
Your headlines are one of the reasons why Nairaland users will click on your forum article in the first place. Use captivating titles. If possible include numbers in the title. This has been proven to-increase the number of people that read a particular post.

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Respond  to comments/replies
There is more to posting on Nairaland. You can also respond to comments on the topic you created or on topics by others. Go through posts made by other users in your niche and write a well detailed reply, you can include your link at the end of the reply.

To find topics relating to your blog niche on Nairaland.
Search “Keyword +” on Google and visit the pages that show up on search result to comment replies.
Example; “Blogging tips

Advertise on Nairaland
Advertising on Nairaland is one of the cheapest and most effective means of driving traffic to your website/blog when compared to social media promotions on Facebook and Twitter. It involves setting up a rectangular banner that will appear on the section you want to advertise.

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To Advertise, you must first understand the section that matches the article you are targeting on your website

  • Visit advertising page
  • Find out how much the ads cost
  • create a 318 * 106 rectangular banner, preferably by a graphic designer or design the banner yourself on canva
  • Upload the banner with your landing page url on the ad dashboard.

After you Advert is approved, you will be required to pay the minimum of 20,000 Naira and above to details sent to your email by administrator.

Enjoy The forum

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