5 smart ways to use Facebook group for Marketing your business

Earlier in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced on how Facebook plans to prioritize posts from friends, family and groups which would now be given more consideration in appearing on a user newsfeed.  This news and its implication had a devastating effect on brands using Facebook pages which recorded a massive decline in user engagement.

The internet is noisy, Facebook is crowded.
How many of the top political figures, business and entertainment pages that you love and follow show up on your newsfeed? Buzzfeed is one of my favorite but I rarely see their post except the ones that are boosted.
This simply means that business owners have to spend more promoting on Facebook than they have done in the last decade. This is as a result of the dramatic increase in the number of businesses that have turned over to Facebook group to drive engagement, traffic and facilitate sales.

This calls for a shift to Facebook group which cost little or nothing to drive engagement.
Here are 5 digital marketing technique with Facebook group,

Collect emails using the new Facebook Group Questionnaire

Facebook recently added a functionality to groups which allow admins to “ask pending members question” before joining group. What would you like to ask someone who is interested in joining your group? This question has to reflect on the purpose of the group and business interest. You might also want to collect emails if the person is interested in receiving updates, coupons, daily tips etc.

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Collect phone numbers using the group Questionnaire.
Before launching my first App, a CBT software that prepares student for JAMB ( a top university exam in Nigeria). I collected more than 900 phone numbers from a university Facebook group which receives more than 200 request daily. I couldn’t waste the opportunity of collecting the phone to inform the student once the app was ready via SMS.

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Have a link from your Website to Facebook group

Here is a thing, you can ask your website visitors to join Facebook group the same way you ask them to like your page. It is quite simple and a good way to build an audience from your website.
A simple ahref HTML link can do this. You can even ask you visitors to join your group in order to receive special offer, bonus, coupon or free eBook using a smart popup.

Share images/meme

It is one thing to create a Facebook group and another to  keep members engaged. With the use of images, puzzles, quizzes etc, you can spur conversation around your Facebook group while indirectly driving engagement to your product or service.
Keeping members engaged goes beyond setting up a group to dump links or post about some boring product. Use images, memes and puzzles to ignite a conversation and keep the conversation going by replying comments in the best way you can.

Schedule Facebook group post

With social media management tools like buffer, postcron, hotsuite. You can schedule a post to post to publish on your group at the time when your members are most active. It saves you energy and convenience while allowing you to focus on the conversation going on in your group.

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